Honorable Secretary

Hon.Secretary Welcome

The Kaniram College,Rawatsar  has been working incessantly in the field of education to create the best citizens. It is a paragon where children are enamored  sedulously to grow to strong individuals committed towards society .SKGC , truly a child’s paradise exhibits ethics and ethos in every breath of life.

We understand the importance of good college that provides the right balance for your child –one which emphasizes personal development  as well as academic  rigors  The college is eyeing upon providing such a resourceful learning  environment where students can develop into citizens of the world amply armed with scholastic and co-scholastic skills

We also seek to ensure that whilst the horizons are richly stretched as above , the young personalities remain rooted in a strong value system embedded into their construct .Students are our life work. We  appreciate and applaud their creativity.

I am pleased to enumerate that SKGC is glowing in leaps and bound with constant support and cooperation of our ally in classrooms i.e. parents.

Honorable Secretary’s Name